Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OHHHH....What now ? weekly rent went up $45.00, so my son said "move in till your save some money and can find a studio" I packed up.....(lots of totes).
got moved in....AHHHHHHH found out this was not what i expected. Sharing of bathroom with daughter-in-law/son-EX-hubby, and a niece. wow, where's all the hot water?
got moved into a small room....matteress on floor,this is not a pretty site seeing me get up first thing in the morning.....
went to new Dr. found out I have artheritis in both hips, and bone spurs on my back,
surgery in near future...need to find new place to sleep.
my stitching schedule is all out of wack too, but am gettting some work done on my SAL.

getting to spend time with my grandson, started school yesterday, was very excited about that.

will be glad when i get my new place or get totes moved to storeage. not much else happening, coffee, and stitching seems like my life is on a roller coaster.

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