Wednesday, March 3, 2010


well, i woke up this morning and it had rained just a little, so the air was fresh and clean, love those kind of days, usually I am inside and working when nice days come along, am so glad to been able to be out in it and enjoy the sunshine.

got my blogger showcase badge on my blog......i think

am working on my exchanges and Sal's, still haven't been able to do anything with my BoInk it will sit there till a fresh idea comes to mind, gonna go to the Quilt store (just down the block) and pick out some material if I decide to make it into a wall hanging....BUT...found out that since our wal-mart went and discontinued the fabric section....we have a new fabric store in town..of course its out of reach for me unless i have a ride, so maybe this Friday(payday) i can supply the gas to my ex and my son and they will take me down to find out hours that they are open too.

My ex-husband is in the process of getting a headstone ready for his dad-who passed away the first part of December, when they have the stone setting, he will try to do it on a Monday or Tuesday, for its the easiest days for me. so thoughtful.....

well don't know whats up with the blog won't let me log on with my laptop, but if i come to the problem. got to get this figured out...

Poker tournament is just around the corner, so will be busy next month for about 10 days.its the busiest time for a for us during the year. Poker players come out of the wood work.

guess that's all for now, seems like same ol' same ol' stuff week around. I have to get a life one of these days.......

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