Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Days Off"

Well, tried to do my coffee thing, along with my CD stories while I x-stitched at my coffee house, some things just don't work out, my hip and knee (right) is just killing me this week-end, can hardly do any walking on it at all.
But I needed to get to the library to get this set up for the Cheryl"s SAL blog that I'm getting started with here soon, have the material, just have to hunt for the thread, have lots of loose thread 3-4 skeins each put away, so will have to go thru my tots and go thread hunting......

I have a camera phone, will be posting pics with that, so by the end of the week I should have things all set up.

look forward to seeing others work....

I work days : with Tuesdays and Wensdays off at the moment, stitch in the evening and on my days off for about 4 hours in the morning.
I have no animals... for I live in a motel... its just me with the kids all grown and left the nest.
just got done with My "BOINK" SAL, that took me almost a year to work on (days-off only), but I know this SAL will go a little faster, Just one color !

got to go now, daylights aburnin........ and my time on the computer at the library is almost up !

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